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Rental spaces Stability in planning, flexibility in design

The EUROPA-CENTER Gateway Gardens has up to 32,300 m² of rental space. Here, companies with the most diverse requirements in terms of space and room structures will find the optimum solution. This is because the individual sub-spaces can be combined, and are planned and expanded individually to meet the needs of future tenant. In addition to the extremely versatile multi-tenant use, the buildings are also suitable for single tenant or house-in-house variants with an exclusively designed entrance.

The office of the future: as versatile as working life itself

The guiding principle of EUROPA-CENTER is: Architecture should adapt to people's needs, and never the other way round. No matter how large the area should be, the experienced rental and planning team work hard to develop and implement the right layout to satisfy different tenants' wishes. If desired, EUROPA-CENTER Gateway Gardens can help create:

  • Inviting reception areas
  • Diverse office forms (from single to open-plan offices)
  • Conference rooms
  • Team and lounge areas
  • Quiet zones

In addition, you have a diverse selection of materials, textures and colours at your disposal. From elegant glass designs to high-quality floors to other architecturally appealing building elements. A comprehensive consultation is just as much a matter of course as the creation of a corresponding floor plan. Various tenant improvements created by EUROPA-CENTER can be found on the company website at:

Intelligent architecture, wonderful acoustics

On the one hand, tenants can benefit from the excellent traffic connections to the airport, motorway and rail network. On the other hand, they enjoy optimum sound insulation inside the EUROPA-CENTER Gateway Gardens. This is because the windows are not only triple-glazed, they also have an additional pane that allows ambient noise to bounce off easily. This effectively minimises noise exposure. Thus the quality of the working environment is maximised.

Feel-good efficiency

Inviting entrance halls, intelligent technology and many sophisticated details - the EUROPA-CENTER Gateway Gardens meets the highest demands when it comes to creating a comfortable working environment of the future:

  • Modern hybrid ceiling panels that deliver a pleasant heating and cooling effect in the rooms
  • Excellent acoustics thanks to sound-absorbing floor coverings and ceiling elements
  • High-quality facade elements and window glazing
  • Intelligent, external sunscreen
  • The possibility of natural ventilation through windows
  • Modern LED lighting technology
  • Stylishly designed pantry kitchens and sanitary facilities

Example improvements